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M42 and M43


Taken with a 12″ LX200r scope and QSI583wsg camera and 0.62x focal reducer.
6 x 120s RGB and 6 x 180s L & Ha

The scope was not tracking very well and a lot of images have be deleted due to star trailing.

In the first image, the RGB layers were combined in MaximDL, this and the Ha & L images when stretched in photo shop to bring out the maximum detail.

The L layer was then used as 100% Luminance layer for the RGB. The Ha was then added as a 50% Luminance layer.

I then saturated a second copy of the Ha image  red, it is then pasted about the Ha luminance layer and blended in lighten mode.

This was then adjusted with curves to bring out the red colour in the regions were the Ha is the brightest.

In the second image, the Ha was added to the red channel by 25% and blue channel by 15%, the image was then process as normal.

M42 and M43


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