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AR1654 on Today’s Sun


A short animation of AR1654, taken on the 12th of January 2013 at 0200 UTC

It was a bit breezy today so the image quality is not that good. I left the scope imaging all afternoon pointing at AR1654.

Today I have taken 264 video containing 500 frames
All the video are process automatically in AutoStakkert, the 150 frames out of 500 aligned and stacked.
Looking through the resulting images, I saw this little eruption happening. I selected the 66 images that showed this. I then applied a wavelet filter in Registax to bring out some of the detail and applied a gamma stretch to give some contrast. All the images were then aligned and cropped with DVS (Dave’s video stabilizer). A little Photoshop action the clean up the images and then all compiled with VirtualDub.
I did forget to take flat frames to remove the Newton interference rings.

Lunt LS80THa/B18/DSII solar scope
DMK21AU618AS camera with 2.5x powermate

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