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Prominance Liftoff


sun0012 12-33-22_g3_b3_ap193

I managed to catch this solar action today.

A 28 frame animation of a solar prominence lifting off the Suns edge.
This event occurred over 21 minutes.
Taken with a Lunt LS80THa/B18 single stacked solar scope and DMK21AU618AS camera with 2.5x powermate.

It was the first test of my new DMK21 camera,  a bit of a fluke actually. I had left the camera running while having lunch and managed to catch this.

I took 1000 frame video at 30 second intervals over 21 minutes, stacked the best 30% of each in AutoStakkert, wavelets in Registax. Alignment was done manually in Photoshop

and the final video compiled with Virtualdub.

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